Rehab – Miracles in Motion

NRAF Rehab in MotionThe National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation’s (NRAF) annual celebration week will be held September 16-22 and will emphasize the power of rehabilitation programs to turn disabilities into capabilities. With the ending of two wars and Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, there will be an increasing need for rehabilitation services.  With joint arthroplasty expected to at least double by the year 2030, and more than 50% of returning vets needing some kind of mental and/or physical assistance, it is clear just how many lives will be affected by the service they receive from PTs, OTs, SLPs, etc.

How can you bring awareness to the important role your facility plays in the physical rehabilitation of others? The NRAF has a number of suggestions and resources at your disposal, but here are a key few:

  • Hold an Open House that offers free health information, screenings and tours of your facility.
  • Organize disabled sporting events and invite the press.
  • Arrange an interactive rehab fair at your local mall.
  • Honor local individuals and organizations who have contributed to removing barriers for the disabled.
  • Speak to school groups about rehabilitation careers and the role of your facility on your community.

For more resources, access the NRAF website, or send us any suggestions you have for promoting your facility and/or colleagues.  Centra recognizes that rehabilitation is an essential part of healthcare and that rehab professionals play a tremendous role in a patient’s successful recovery. If you are seeking new opportunities in the field contact us at 800 535 0076.

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