New Year: Time For Veteran Pros to Consider Travel Jobs?

Time For Veteran Pros to Consider Travel JobsAll predictions seem to point to 2014 being a growth year for the healthcare sector.  Some of the fastest growing jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics will be PTs, PTAs, COTAs and NPs.  But the continuing need for healthcare professionals is being tempered by paradigm shifts in the industry in the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Hospitals, clinics and private practices will be evaluated and rewarded based on patient satisfaction. This shift parallels an increased demand for services of the newly insured, coupled with an increased demand on facilities to reduce the cost of those services.  The tension between these sometimes competing demands may increase the demand for contract health professionals to fill gaps in services without significantly adding to annual budgets.

In a previous blog we discussed why new grads should take advantage of travel therapy positions to gain much needed experience.  But is it ever time for a full-time rehabilitation pro to give contract/part-time employment a second look? Here are three reasons for veteran therapists to consider such a career move:

  • Professional burnout – Almost everyone experiences physical or mental depletion/exhaustion during their career, except for those just starting out. Working for shorter periods of time in a variety of settings can help replenish those batteries while keeping skills up to date.
  • Flexibility – Setting your own hours is often a luxury in healthcare and can impinge on work/life balance. Being in control of your workload helps restore imbalances and puts you in charge of your career trajectory and your vacation time.
  • Compensation – Contrary to prevailing wisdom, healthcare contract positions often pay more  than their permanent equivalents.  Benefits and the ability to supplement weekly salaries with tax free income, can significantly boost the bottom line.

Job security is most often cited as the reason people remain in traditional employment structures. Centra can show you how when you control your opportunities, you control your stability.   Let one of our  industry experts show you travel therapy positions that fit your lifestyle, career goals, and financial needs. Call 800 535 0076 today!

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