Must have iPhone & iPad Apps for Physical Therapy

Who would have thought having hundreds of PT tools in the palm of your hand would be possible? As technology advances, we as rehab professionals should do our best to stay in front of the tech curve.  Today, more than ever, we are a culture of Therapy on the Go€ and always in need of that instant satisfaction and gratification, as our patients would not expect anything less. From exercise videos to trigger point maps and easy translation here are must have iPhone & iPad apps every Physical Therapist should have.

Motion Doctor

$14.99 – iPad

physical therapy iphone appThis app is perfect for any traveling therapist. It’s clean interface and smart organization makes it worth the hefty price tag. Created by a PT for the general public, PTs, and their patients it comes with over 60 High quality videos along with narrative and written instruction. This App will show you step by step how to stretch and maintain each exercise properly.

My Therapy Exercise

$4.99 – iPhone

Physical Therapy iphone appThis app has been endorsed by APTA and Featured on CBS News. Similar to the Motion Doctor, this iPhone app makes it easy to understand the mechanics behind a rehab treatment. So this could be the perfect homework requirement for any of your patients in between visits.


Physical Therapy Spanish

Free – iPhone & iPad

Physical Therapy iPhone AppHave you ever been to see a patient as a traveling or Homecare therapist and realized that the Spanish you learned in high school wasn’t going to be enough? Well they have an App for that, and it’s free. This guide is effectively organized into a system of ascertaining vital medical information from their patients through a series of yes/no answers so you can understand your Spanish-speaking patient.

Muscle Trigger Points

$2.99 – iPhone & iPad

Physical therapy iphone appWhat Physical Therapists don’t love trigger points? Muscle Trigger Points, for iPhones and iPads gives you a reference for the most common trigger points for over 70 muscles. This app is quite useful for identifying problem areas and offers great visuals to help pinpoint the problems.


These apps can be especially useful for those in the Home Health Settings, Pediatric Clinics, and Long Term Care Facilities. Often as PTs we find ourselves alone and unable to retrieve information at a moments notice, so having this information in the palm of your hand will immediately increase your value as a therapist.

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