Must Have iOS Apps for Speech Therapy / SLP

Following our top apps for Physical Therapy and best Occupational Therapy apps, it was only fitting that we share our thoughts for apps that every Speech Language Pathologist should have on their iOS device. An SLP’s day is spent diagnosing and treating, where most of the diagnosis is contrived using antiquated methodologies that work, however they do so inefficiently as a lot of time is wasted in the recording and analysis of the data captured. Because of the abundance in technological advances, particularly in the mobile app sector, our industry can make strides in terms of sheer efficiency and more important, efficacy of treatment. Here is our list of must have iOS apps (iPhone & iPad) for Speech-Language Pathologists.

Sunny Articulation Test$49.99 – iPad & iPhone

Speech Therapy AppsHow many hours do you spend analyzing patterns in the errors of a child’s speech? This app accomplishes the daunting task of aggregating that data for you. Although it’s not a standard test, like the Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation (GFTA-2), it provides reliable qualitative information regarding a child’s articulation skills. This app comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s definitely a must have.

Speech Trainer 3D$7.99 – iPad & iPhone

Speech Therapy AppsThis app provides a visual guide designed to help your patients practice every sound in the English Language. Choosing between vowels and consonants, it provides a front and side view with the 30+ sounds. We really love this app because it goes further to actually focus on lip movement, tongue placement, velar movement, and vocal chord vibration (if applicable).

SmallTalk PhonemesFREE – iPad & iPhone

Speech TherapyHere is an app that provides a collection of speech-exercise videos, illustrating the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce each of the English phonemes. This one is perfect for apraxia, aphasia, and/or dysarthria resulting from stroke or head injury, in addition to any of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, because your patients are able to imitate behaviors from a video more easily than from face to face instruction.

Quick ArticFREE – iPad & iPhone

Speech Therapy AppsThis is the perfect app for quick articulation screening. Even better, it’s free provided you register on their site. Quick Artic is very straight forward and easy to use by providing 566 images tagged with titles and categorized by phonemes€. Additionally, it boasts a scoring utility that helps you keep score. Regardless of the patient you are dealing with, there are many apps available to help make your job easier (and most of them were conceived by your peers). If you are looking for a new opportunity as a Speech-Language Pathologist please contact one of our strategic search consultants. 800-535-0076

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