Must Have iOS Apps for Occupational Therapists

As an Occupational Therapist in the 21st century it’s exciting to be a part of the smart mobile device trend. With hundreds of thousands of apps in itunes, it turns out that there are a couple applications that make an OT’s life much easier. Here is a list of our must have IOS apps for Occupational Therapy.


iPad and iPhone – $1.99

iOS Apps for Occupational TherapyThis is a great HIPAA compliant app for OT’s that is evidence based and is able to predict falls amongst the elderly. A great value for the price which helps remove the need for pen and paper when administering Tinetti tests. You can measure past results, reports are very clean and it gives you email functionality to send reports.


iPhone – $0.99

iOS Apps for Occupational TherapyThis is great for any of your patience that may be forgetting to take medication due to ADHD or early onset Alzheimers. The app is designed to be easy to use to avoid overwhelming the patient with new technology. You simply enter the drug information and when it needs to be taken and at what frequency, then it sends a push alert to let them know it’s time. Another great app for the value.

Letter Tracer

iPhone – $0.99

iOS Apps for Occupational TherapyThis is a great app for Pediatric OT’s looking for a fun tool that helps encourage kinesthetic practice. The child simply sets the color and thickness of the line and then can trace over either the capital or lowercase form of the letter. Additionally there is a voice over that says the letter.


iPhone – Free

iOS Apps for Occupational TherapyFor any of your patients that have communication apprehension issues related to stuttering, being deaf, spasmodic dysphonia, or any other vocal or hearing related problems. It combines location and vocabulary to bring speech back to those affected. You can choose quick phrases or from categories such as mood, assistance, restaurants, etc…

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