I’m Mike, and this is My Story


Hello everybody, my name is Mike.

I’m originally from Oak Creek, Wisconsin and currently working rural home health Occupational Therapy in a small town called Monroe, Wisconsin.

Working home health in a rural area is a fantastic placement for me because the area is beautiful and the people are just so gosh darn friendly. There’s certainly an appeal for me to working in a smaller healthcare system and a smaller town. It makes me feel like what i do actually matters, and not just another employee in a humongous system. Working with mostly outdoors-type people and farmers is also complementary as the majority of my personal interests involve the outdoors in some way.  For some reason these travel contracts just seem so much more meaningful than prior jobs. Maybe in part because the organizations I’ve worked for thus far were in desperate need for therapists, and I feel like I WANT to help. In my last full time position prior to doing travel I don’t remember having this feeling quite as much.

This area of rural Wisconsin is essentially the cheese capital of the country, so I’ve had an opportunity to visit all the small cheese factories and sample more varieties of cheese than I ever thought existed. I’ve eaten so much cheese on this assignment in fact, that sometimes I worry I may soon turn into a wheel of cheese myself. Other unique features of this area are many parks and trails to explore, where I tried to mushroom hunting this spring( harder than it seems! ). Also, stopping at farm stands and getting fresh produce, honey, things like that. There’s also some great trout streams all over the area for after work trout fishing. On a side note it’s been advantageous to be working in a less population dense area through this pandemic.

I’m over the moon excited to be working with Centra Healthcare Solutions as you all have helped me to find new opportunities and explore different areas of practice I may not have explored otherwise, all while providing outstanding support. I never would have considered taking these assignments without the support of the Centra team.  I really can’t thank the Centra team enough. Every person I’ve interacted with has been fantastic. Y’all are really on point! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat some cheese.

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