I’m Eddie, and this is My Story


Hello my name is Edgar but I go by Eddie. I am originally from the Great Lakes state of Michigan, specifically Greenville, a small country town but one that has great city vibes. Greenville is close enough to the country to say that I am close to the “sticks.” At home I am highly involved with theater. I have worked as a Music Director on multiple musicals in Michigan.

So far with Centra, I have worked in two different assignments: Somerset, NJ and West Chester Pennsylvania. My next contract will be in Vero Beach, FL. I am very flexible where I work but my specialty is Short-Term Rehab.

As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) I love that I am working directly with patients. Most of them get to know me and I get to know them which makes providing care that much more rewarding and better. You get to learn a lot from those that you care for and sometimes they just want a good person to chat with and I am happy that I can be that person.

Due to COVID the joys of traveling have been limited. However, I am an American history buff so I made sure to see some sights. In New Jersey I went and saw where Alexander Hamilton was shot, it was close to the Hudson Bay. Today you can see the Manhattan skyline. I also love to run so I ran in Liberty State Park and I saw the back side of the Statue of Liberty. I will see the other side one day but you gotta start somewhere.

The biggest positive about working at Centra is my recruiter. Eric has quickly not just become a friend but a buddy. I like that I can trust Eric, and Centra as a whole, and that when I travel away from home, which is many miles away, I know they’ve got my back for anything. Centra is not just an agency it’s a family and it’s nice to know that there is family across the country we can rely on.

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