I’m Angela, and this is My Story

My name is Angela and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, now under contract in Pueblo, Colorado.  I have been with Centra for going on two years. When I decided to travel I was working at a job that I really enjoyed, but I wasn’t quite fulfilled still living in the same city where I grew up. As a 27 year old, with about three years of experience under my belt- I chose to take a leap of faith. I am so glad I did! Traveling has allowed me to experience places and meet people that I would not have otherwise had the chance to. Because of traveling, I now have friends all over the country that I can visit for the rest of my life! The best part about traveling for Centra is that I still do what I love everyday and that is being a Speech Therapist. My profession allows me to help people in a variety of settings– and traveling affords me the opportunity to learn new things from other professionals around the country. For example, when I worked in Seattle, WA, I worked very closely with a mobile modified barium swallow team that visited all the area skilled nursing facilities. Unfortunately, communities in other locations that I have worked in do not have this at their disposable. But spreading the message about new technology and techniques can help expand how speech therapists help patients in need.
Since becoming a traveling SLP, I have been able to pursue things that I love, in so many places across the county. I have been able to run triathalons, spartan races and a half marathon in the desert of southern Colorado, and in the beautiful pacific northwest. I have been able to hike Mt. Si outside Seattle, and plan to hike my first 14’er this fall in Colorado. I have seen the Pacific Ocean, the Great Sand Dunces, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and much much more…something I would have never been able to do if I didn’t take the leap to travel. The best part of traveling is the people you meet and stay in contact with. Forming these relationships is what keeps me going. Sharing stories and points of view on life from so many different perspectives is why I am so grateful I left my little nest in Erie.
Something that makes me kind of unique as a traveling therapist is that I travel with my boyfriend (and cat of course). He is not a traveling professional. I was kind of nervous about the logistics of this at first, but wanted to share that IT IS possible!  As long as you have a partner that is patient and that understands that life as a traveling therapist/nurse is always variable.
Centra has been wonderful to me. They have ALWAYS gotten me placed in locations I enjoy, even found me housing in Seattle (that was somewhat affordable). My recruiter is always checking in to see how things are going and always willing to help with whatever I need. I am so very grateful that Kylie has guided me through some of the more stressful aspects of traveling.

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