Job Opportunity of the Month – California Dreamin

Job Opportunity of the Month - California Dreamin

One out of every eight  Americans resides in California, and that staggering statistic makes it the third largest state in the Union.  “The Golden State” also has the most diverse environment on the planet.  From its awe-inspiring redwood forests and challenging surf to its stark desert landscapes and lush farmlands, California offers a feast for all the senses from north to south.  The state that invented Barbie dolls, blue jeans, theme parks and the Internet, also produced the Beach Boys and The Black-Eyed Peas.  It is first in dairy production; a major player in the film, television and video industries; and continues to supply 90% of all American wines. With all California has to offer in natural beauty, entertainment and culture, it is also a great place to find employment in the healthcare sector.

One such outstanding opportunity is in San Diego, the birthplace of California.  Nicknamed “America’s Finest City”, San Diego is well known for its beaches, year-round mild climate, and natural deep harbor. That harbor hosts the world’s largest naval fleet and is where you can visit the USS Midway Museum to experience life on an aircraft carrier.  The city’s downtown hugs the bay, its buildings by ordinance no higher than 500 feet given their proximity to the airport.  With its lower skyline and a geography of deep canyons and residential mesas,San Diego lives more like a small town than a big city. But it also lives large, with a world-renowned zoo on the grounds of the U.S. ‘s largest urban cultural park, which is also home to 16 of San Diego’s 90 museums.  You can also enjoy San Diego’s wine country, surf thewaves, sample the culinarydelights, or see a play at a Tony Award winning theater.

With all the city’s attractions both man-made and natural, its most recent claim to fame is as a hub for healthcare and biotechnical development.  The University of California San Diego (UCSD) and its affiliated Medical Center, pioneer cutting edge research in  cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s and other afflictions. So if you are “California Dreamin”, San Diego may be just the place for you!  Call the Centra team at 800 535 0076 and let us help you make the dream a reality!

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