It’s That Time of Year… National Physical Therapy Month!

National Phyisical Therapy MonthOctober is not just ghosts and goblins… falling leaves and temperatures, but a time to honor the approximately 185,000 men and women in this country  who remediate disabilities and improve bodily movement in their patients.  Whether through clinical practice, research or education, physical therapists play a vital role in the overall health, wellness and quality of life of our citizens. There is a preponderance of evidence that regular “check-ups” with a physical therapist could prevent many injuries and head-off joint and muscle pain associated with aging.  There is a clear need to change the view of PT as being a strictly post-injury profession.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with its emphasis on wellness, should put physical therapy’s preventative aspect front and center, and National Physical Therapy Month is a perfect forum for getting that message out.   From open houses, to medical equipment drives, to promotional merchandise, to community fun runs and boot camps, to free joint screenings…every event by a rehab center, hospital, clinic or private practice is an opportunity to educate an audience about the benefits of systematic physical therapy. To support this new perspective, the American Physical Therapy Association (Apta) has put forth a “Beyond Vision 2020 “statement: “The physical therapy profession will transform society by optimizing movement for all people of all ages to improve the human experience.”

How will you celebrate Physical Therapy Month?  Leave a comment on our Facebook page.  The Centra Team is committed to providing PTAs and PTs with concierge employment search services that are worthy of their talents and contributions to the American healthcare system today and in the future.  Call us today at 800 535 0076.

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