It’s “National Stuttering Awareness Week

National Stuttering Awareness WeekIf you follow “American Idol”, the story of a Lazaro Arbos, a young man with a profound stutter and an equally profound singing voice, was nothing short of inspirational.  May 13-19, 2013 marks National Stuttering Awareness Week, the perfect time to recognize those who will not be defined by their speech impediment, but by their accomplishments.  Here are some famous names who suffer/suffered from this impediment:

  • The Ancients:  Moses (Prophet);  Aesop (Greek storyteller and fables writer);  Claudius (Roman emperor);
  • The Politicos:  Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister);  Nicolae Ceausescu (President of Romania); Prince Albert II (ruler of Monaco)
  • The Scientists:  Robert Boyle (founder of modern Chemistry);  Joseph Priestley (discoverer of Oxygen);  Charles Darwin (Father of Evolution);
  • The Industrialists:  Henry Luce (magazine mogul);  Jack Welch, Jr. (former CEO General Electric);  Arthur M. Blank (Co-founder Home Depot)
  • The Sportsmen:   Greg Louganis (Olympic diver);  Bill Walton (basketball star/sportscaster);  Sophie Gustafson (pro-golfer)
  • The Writers:  Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote);  Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland);   Richard Condon (The Manchurian Candidate)
  • The Actors:  Jimmy Stewart;  James Earl Jones;  Samuel L. Jackson;
  • The Music Makers:  Mel Tillis (Country-Western singer);  Bill Withers (singer/songwriter);  John “Scatman” Larkin (jazz musician)

“Celebrity” role models can have a part in a enhancing a stutterer’s general self-image, particularly if these famous faces discuss the methods they used to cope with their affliction.  But as a Speech Language Pathologist, you know that the relationship you develop with your client is far more impactful than just relying on name recognition.  If you are an SLP interested in working with fluency disorders contact Centra at 800 535 0076.

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