It’s App Time: 2012 Best iOS Applications for PT, OT, and SLP

Best iOS apps for pt-ot-slpKeeping up with the pace of technological innovation can be frustrating and time consuming.  To offset this, we have selected a few iOS apps of interest to therapists. We hope to encourage those unfamiliar with smartphones and tablets, to invest in the technology which can simplify everything from storing patient records to designing treatment plans.

For Physical Therapists:

  • PTVideo.TV Pain Therapy:  Highly rated series of stretches and exercises, produced and demonstrated by a therapist, and organized by category of musculoskeletal pain. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, videos share easily via email, Facebook and Twitter. Simulates having a PT 24/7, while encouraging patient compliance and motivation.  Released May 10, 2012; $2.99.
  • Rehab Sync Mobile: Point of service app for logging and reviewing daily patient treatment activity from multiple sites.  Designed to improve therapist efficiency and compatible with all devices.  Released February 28, 2012; Free. *
  • AAOMPT On The Go:  Information and evidence-based practice push service of current manual physical therapy news, blogs and journals. Choose studies in a specific area of interest with easy search, bookmarking and sharing capabilities.  Compatible with all devices.  Released November 2, 201;  Free.

For Occupational Therapists:

  • P.O.V.-Spatial Reasoning Skills Development:  For ages 8-18,  a set of 3 timed challenging, interactive activities teaching spatial reasoning skills with increasing levels of difficulty. iPad compatible only, it automatically generates usage reports for parents and therapists.  Released June 14, 2012; $4.99
  • Emotion Cards: Set of PECS cards encompassing 81 emotions for use with nonverbal clients.  Features include a ‘definition’ button and compatible with all iOS devices.  Released June 13, 2012; $.99.
  • Spaced Retrieval TherAppy:  Scientifically proven method for improvement in patients with memory impairment, especially Alzheimer’s, TBIs, aphasia and dementia.  Tracks expanding intervals and performance of 3 patient specific memory targets.  Released February 20, 2012; $3.99.

For Speech Language Pathologists:

  • iTalkAtMoog:  The First 100 Words:  Developed by SLPs and deaf educators primarily for children with hearing loss and language delays.  Customizable word lists, varying level of difficulties and data tracking/reporting capabilities.  Released June 13, 2012; $1.99.
  • Go-Togethers:  Targets the ability of all age groups to identify and generate semantic associations and developing critical vocabulary and word retrieval skills. Receptive activities may be customized and an emailable report is generated at the conclusion of each activity, the app is iPhone, iPod and IPad compatible.  Released March 28, 2012; $9.99.
  • Learn By Video-Educational Movie Maker 2.0:  Requires an iOS 5.0 device with camera.  For ESL students, infants and clients with speech language impairments.  Create your own flashcards and instructional videos and share  with others via email and social networks.  Updated April 21, 2012; $.99.

* This app is applicable as well for OTs and SLPs.

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