Interview Presence: Four Tips From Hollywood On How to Have It

interview tipsAn interview is so much more than just a question and answer session; it is an expanded “elevator pitch”.  You are given a finite amount of time to explain to a stranger, or group of strangers, why you are the person  they have been looking for to fill a role.  Sounds almost like an audition?  In essence, yes, interview presence is not unlike stage presence. Learning how to achieve interview presence can take some of the inherent anxiety and uncertainty out of the process.  Here are four tips from Hollywood’s A-list for putting your best foot forward and making a lasting impression on your interviewer:

Good Posture:  Early film studios taught contract players correct posture, understanding that this reflected a sense of self-confidence, energy, and made them appear taller on the stage and screen.  Dr. Paul Drew, PT to the stars, offers some easy steps to achieve that movie star stance.

Firm Handshake:  Marlee Matlin is quoted as saying that executives think she has the best handshake in Hollywood.  It could be her way of deflecting from what might be seen as a disadvantage, namely her deafness.  Perfecting your handshake can help you avoid other perceived signs weakness or lack of confidence such as a sweaty palm.

Eye Contact:   In a previous blog we discussed the importance of appropriate eye contact throughout an interview.  Matt Damon’s nice guy reputation stems in part from the fact that he uses eye contact to put others at ease, be it interviewing on “The Actor’s Studio” or ordering food at a local restaurant.

Clear Articulation:  Whether playing a Roman politician or a drunken history professor, Richard Burton’s enunciation was always impeccable. It could have been all that Shakespearean training, or simply that proper diction requires good breathing techniques which also help keep a person more relaxed.

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