If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Des Moines: Travel Tax Tips and iOS Apps

Travel Tax TipsIn a June blog, we discussed the importance of documenting your travel therapy expenses and some apps to help you do just that!  A frequently asked question is “How soon after an assignment can I return to the same area?”  While there is no IRS hard and fast rule, our travel tax guru, Joe Smith offers the following:  “Never work in one metro area more than a total of 12 months in a 24 month time period.”  Since the IRS doesn’t use the calendar year in determining breaks in service, he suggests keeping frequent records of where you have been and where you expect to be going next.  Check out these IOS apps that can help you keep track of those assignments:

  • I’ve Been:  Don’t remember if you had an assignment already in Iowa?  Use this recent release to visually define states you have visited, as well as those you might have passed through, and those you have yet to work in.   Released June 30, 2013.  Free
  • Geospike – The Social Travel Journal:  Record the towns and cities you work and live in.  You can attach notes and photos to your travel “spikes” to remind you of where you’ve been and view your entire travel history on a real-time map. Updated June 10, 2013. Free.
  • Footprint – Where I’ve Been:  Mark the cities you visit on this app’s unique interactive heat map which shows the frequency of your visits. Updated May 23, 2013.  $3.99
  • USA Travel Log States Visited: Keep track of states visited and the duration of the stay.  Use the text note feature to record the city/town names and sort visits by year/month.  Updated May 1, 2013.  $2.99

While we can’t log every assignment for you, Centra has rewarding and challenging travel assignments with competitive pay rates, 100% medical insurance reimbursement, a 401(k) plan with a 4 % match, and much much more!  Contact one of our dedicated staffing experts at 800 535 0076 and become a part of our family of healthcare professionals.

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