If ACA Will Create More Healthcare Jobs, Why do I Need a Staffing Firm?

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, goes into full implementation mode at the start of 2014…well, almost full implementation.  A worrisome trend in the corporate world has forced the U.S. government to defer implementation of one key provision until 2015.  In an effort to avoid providing employees with healthcare coverage, or face stiff penalties, retail giant Walmart has been methodically replacing its full-time staff with part-timers. Other businesses with more than 50 employees are following their lead ahead of the law. Just how widespread the practice has become, and whether it will spread beyond the retail sector, is anyone’s guess. What does this mean then for the much anticipated surge in healthcare employment opportunities as a result of 30 million+ of newly insured consumers?  No one knows the true impact of ACA, but since the mandate on coverage now shifts back to the individual, job growth in this sector seems all but a given.  At what levels is yet to be determined.

What does this mean if you are a PT, OT, SLP or RN?  If healthcare were to follow the Walmart example, it could mean accelerated growth in temp/contract positions, especially those servicing remote or rural communities.  A 2012 survey by “Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine”, found that while only 19% of respondents worked in a rural setting, they earned the highest salaries from among all the respondents.   ACA will more likely result in an uptick in the already strong pace of hiring, and even more competitive recruiting of talented candidates.  Even in such a favorable environment, job seekers would be wise to avail themselves of the services of a staffing firm.  These companies have an extensive, and very often exclusive, employer network combined with knowledgeable staff skilled in matching each candidate’s specific skills and experience to that client network. Your staffing consultant acts as your personal advocate, making sure that your candidacy is seen and considered by the decision makers, giving you an edge over your competition.

Centra prides itself on providing first class, concierge customer services to its candidates and clients alike.  Using cutting edge technology that showcases real-time opportunities and consultants who are industry experts, we are able to provide job seekers with a very positive and successful experience.  Call the Centra Team today at 800 535 0076 and let us go to work for you!

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