How and When to Follow up During a Rehab Interview

The interview process can be emotionally taxing. Currently, you may be looking for your first job, out of a job for a while, or just deciding to find a new one. Whatever the case, as a Rehab professional, you will be faced with a common internal conflict, “When and how should I follow up?” Although trepidation and apprehension can be major contributors to the avoidance of closing to the next level, it is the nature of the beast and it should be embraced. In most cases, hiring managers don’t mind the follow up; provided it’s quick, non-intrusive, and to the point. We will let you in on when and how to follow up and especially what not to do.

When to Follow Up

It’s possible that you haven’t even been granted an interview yet, however your resume has been submitted. If that’s the case, we suggest a follow up within a week, provided you had direct communication with someone that received the resume. In the event that you submitted through a website or job board, following up gets a little tricky. To ensure that it was actually received, make a brief phone call, saying you didn’t receive verification that your resume was received and you just wanted to make sure the HR department got it.

Most career experts would agree, following up after an actual job interview is imperative. Don’t forget to ask for business cards during the interview and make sure you follow up by e-mail or a call the same day or 1 day after your interview. Make sure to let the hiring authority know you appreciated their time, and you look forward to hearing from them soon, as well as reiterating your excitement for the opportunity.

How to Follow Up

Be perceptive during your interview by paying attention to the culture of the company as well as the personality of your hiring manager. Often the department takes on the personality of the department head. By understanding the culture or personality of the department, you can better formulate your followup plan. What to focus on; does the department seem slow or fast paced? Can you see any hand written cards or letters on the hiring managers desk?

If you notice that it’s a fast paced organization, chances are time is of the essence. Try sending an email, which can be quick and non-intrusive. You can also call to leave a message. A slower paced department head may appreciate a personal touch with something like a hand written card or letter. Just be sure that your handwriting and grammar are impeccable if you go that route.

What Not to Do

Sometimes the interview process in rehab departments can take weeks, especially if there is a hiring freeze or census numbers are low. It’s very important that you do not pester. The point at which you ask your self if it’s too much, is when it’s way too much. Constantly emailing and calling is a sure fire way to put you on the pass list. Also, try not to bombard them on social media sites. It’s there personal space. We have heard success with single messages to Facebook or LinkedIn have reignited the opportunities for some candidates.

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