Great Healthcare Pros are Made not Born

Great Healthcare Pros are Made not BornJeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, recently posted an article entitled “What Makes a Truly Great Product Great?” As he notes the term “great” can be highly subjective, but successful product development requires everyone to be “working from the same playbook”. As with many LinkedIn Influencers, his insights have a broader application than perhaps intended. His five traits of product greatness are:

  1. Delivers on a singular value proposition in a world-class way
  2. Simple, intuitive and anticipates needs
  3. Exceeds expectations
  4. Emotionally resonates
  5. Changes the user’s life for the better

He could just as easily be describing what constitutes a great healthcare professionals. All are or should be service focused, but the outstanding ones provide care to every patient as if they were their only patient. They intuitively anticipate their patient’s therapeutic needs and possess a highly developed sense of empathy for those patients and their families. They regularly exceed expected levels of service, but more importantly focus on enhancing quality of life for those they serve.

We can not say it enough, healthcare is increasingly patient-centric and increasingly patient load heavy, with the graying of America and the influx of newly insured under the ACA mandate. These trends can strain clinicians’ abilities to exceed standards of care in clinical settings. Technologies are helping to offset some of this strain making it possible to extend quality caregiving outside the hospital/clinic walls. But great healthcare pros as the blog title suggests are made not born, and Weiner’s product traits are practical guidelines for anyone hoping to provide outstanding patient care.

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