Getting to Your Travel Therapist Assignment

Once you’ve received your travel rehab therapy assignment, you’ll need to start preparing to get there.

Most travel therapists get to their assignments by car, so you’ll need to take everything you need in your vehicle (although you can ship a few larger items ahead). Naturally, the length of your assignment will dictate how many things you’ll need. A multi-month assignment may necessitate hiring a u-haul-type of truck to get all of your belongings to your temporary home, especially if you’re taking family members with you.

If you’re unsure about what to take, the website may be helpful, especially if you’re only moving yourself and if your assignment will be just a few weeks long. The site lets you say where you’re moving to and for how long. It then offers suggestions regarding how much and what type of clothing to bring. The site even gives you a “before you leave” checklist of things you’ll  need to do, such as cancel a newspaper subscription, etc.

The website also asks you questions about where you’re going, it’s typical weather, how long you’ll be staying, in what accommodations you’ll be staying (apartment, tent, hotel), how many people and/or pets who will be traveling with you.

Now on to the actual packing. Crates that are open at the top are great (milk crates or plastic boxes) because you can stack them for better use of your available space. You also can move them easily. You even can buy some that fold up after use for easier storage.

Put your clothing in one crate. In fact, you could split up your clothing among crates, with pants in one, tops in another, shoes in another, etc. Or casual clothes in one and uniforms in another. Whichever suits you best.

Use other crates for toiletries and keep one for dirty laundry. Put your snack and water supplies for your car trip in another and keep it handy for you as you drive.

Another great idea is to put all overnight needs in one crate. This way you can just carry one crate in to your hotel room with you for overnight stops as you make your way to your assignment.

Working as a traveling physical, occupational or speech therapist can be very exciting: you’ll be moving from rehab facility to hospital or other assignment frequently, learning new skills and meeting new people. If you have a bit of wanderlust in you and you would like to bring your much-needed skills to the rehab facilities that desperately need you, contact Centra Healthcare Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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