Free Resources for Occupational Therapists

Whether you’re a newly certified occupational therapist or an OT professional with several years or even decades of experience, you undoubtedly know already that there’s “always something new to learn.”

Herewith are some free resources you may wish to explore to help you stay on top of OT treatment trends as well as news about the profession. ( is, according to its website, “your connection to Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapists. Active forum discussions, news, articles, job searching, tips, and all information related to Occupational Therapy are all offered for FREE.” (, is a site published by, a publisher of niche medical websites that is “[c]ommitted to empowering patients, we will influence the leaders of these medical communities: doctors, therapists, nurses, health professionals, schools, associations, Pharmas and DMEs. Together we will change the face of healthcare by bringing us all together.” offers articles of interest to those working as occupational therapists, or who are interested in pursuing training to become an OT. The site also provides OT job listings, links to OT schools and training programs, OT blogs, and forums.

You’ll also want to check out the OT professional association for your state. Links to just about every state’s OT association may be found at Once there, go to the state OT associations page for links.

Last, and certainly not least, visit the American Occupational Therapy Association’s website at The site has a vast amount of free information for OT students, practitioners, consumers, and OT educators/researchers.

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