Four Tips For Seasoned Healthcare Professionals

Four Tips For Seasoned Healthcare ProfessionalsBiennially, AARP and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announce their “Best Employers for Workers Over 50” award.  Of the fifty 2013 winners, 23 were healthcare facilities or institutions.  Veteran workers have never been more valued as the greying of America and projected shortages for healthcare workers speeds up. The recent economic crisis and changes in retirement funding have made many rethink retirement altogether. Of course, any such decision depends on the physical and mental fitness of the individual, but here are four tips for longevity in this sector:

1.  Education is Lifelong:  Staying current in the field and with new technologies enhances your value for potential employers, and keeps you mentally fit.  Study communication skills of younger colleagues to keep abreast of tech advances and to work effectively with them as a team.  In short, don’t stay set in your ways.

2.  Open Doors of Opportunity:  Change is hard at every stage of life. Be open to contract/travel, teaching and management openings. These provide flexibility of scheduling without the reduction in pay that often accompanies part-time positions in other sectors.  They can lead to a better work/life balance that might have been difficult to achieve earlier in your career.

3.  Narrow the Focus As Needed:  A degree broadens the type of positions and facilities that will value your services.  Conversely, an associate degree or an advanced degree in progress, narrows searches to facilities emphasizing experience over education in their job ad.  Using that rule of thumb will eliminate a lot of rejection that might be construed as age related.

4.  Play to Your Strengths:  At this stage in your career, you understand that your focus is on quality service to your patients rather than climbing a career ladder; that there is a difference between snap judgements and educated guesses; and that experience allows you to hit the ground running when others can’t.  Be confident in the skills you bring to the team without being boastful or confrontational.

Centra values mature PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, SLPs, NPs, RNs, Nurse Managers and Rehab Managers and works tirelessly to find you the perfect fit for your skills and experience.  Call us today at 800 535 0076 and let one of our Centurions show you how!

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