Five Innovations for Speech Language Pathology

Five Innovations for Speech Language PathologyTechnological innovation is changing not only the way we live, but the way we perform our work.   Here are five current and future SLP tech innovations that we thought worth noting:

  1. Swivl:  A robotic turntable for tablets that rotates to capture individual speakers and uploads video to a secure cloud site.  UK’s University of Manchester uses it in its deaf education training programs to improve teacher performance. But another obvious use is as a student/client speech observation and feedback tool.
  2. Constant Therapy:  We mentioned this app/subscription service in a previous blog.  It enhances SLP outcomes by engaging patients in their own therapy at home. The company is currently fundraising to expand its line to include products for dementia patients and the learning disabled.
  3. Tongue Mapping Device:  Though still in the early stages, this device created by University of Colorado engineers and neuroscientists, hopes to replace more expensive and surgically riskier cochlear implants for the deaf.
  4.  Snug Vest: This Canadian produced pressure garment is designed to for clients with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder or general anxiety.  It enables the user to better participate in and benefit from therapy sessions.
  5. KASPAR the Robot:  The minimally expressive humanoid developed at the University of Hertfordshire, UK is used with autistic children to develop social communication.  KASPAR is being made in a smaller version to reduce costs for the general market.  Keep a lookout!

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