Excuses, Excuses… Top iOS Apps for PT Patient Non-Compliance

Top iOS Apps for PT Patient Non-ComplianceAs any healthcare professional will tell you, patient compliance remains a major determinant of treatment success rates. Whether it is refusing to use slings, braces or prescribed orthotic devices, or a litany of excuses concerning their at home therapeutic plan, rehab professionals have seen and heard it all!  But, even if you may suspect noncompliance, verifying that is not always easy.  It is almost a given that the more involved a patient is in their own care, the more likely they are to be compliant with and complete their course of treatment.

Technology is enabling many more patients to take a active role in their healthcare.  Below are three of the latest IOS apps with potential to increase compliance in PT clients:

  • YourPT:  Patient generated electronic “diaries” or logs have been shown to produce higher rates of compliance than other tracking methods. This easy to use app logs dates, times of completion, and assigns a unique ID to each exercise. Paper exercise programs are uploadable as images. Logs can be emailed directly to clinicians.  ($1.99)
  • Wellpepper Clinic:  Successful treatment depends on a  strong clinician-patient relationship.  This app enables the rehab pro to increase engagement between sessions and review results in real time to tweak treatment when necessary.  Clients are provided daily reminders to increase compliance. (Free)
  • GoMotive Uploader:  For clinicians to upload videotape exercises as part of a personalized treatment plan. Compliance increases with visual instructions that can be referred to repeatedly.  Includes rewards based incentives for motivational feedback. (Free)

As clinicians and patients become more comfortable with using technologies as part of their treatment programs, compliance and success rates can only increase. Beyond smartphones and tablets, other technologies also show promise as motivational tools.  West Health Institute and the U.S. Navy Medical Center, San Diego use Windows Kinect motion tracking software to remotely monitor their patients’ rehab.  Read our blog about how gaming consoles are used to increase compliance, then contact Centra at 800 575 0076 and we’ll find you a healthcare professional position that uses cutting edge techniques to enhance outcomes.

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