Delaware: Come For Play, Come For Work

Top Rehab Jobs in DelawareThomas Jefferson  famously nicknamed Delaware “The Diamond State” because it was a “jewel” among the other Eastern seaboard states.  Also called “Small Wonder”, Delaware packs a lot of natural beauty into a small area. From the rolling hills and DuPont country estates in the north to the award winning beaches and quaint small towns in the south, Delaware is a sightseeing and recreational paradise within an easy drive from site to site. Add to that, no state income or property tax, favorable incorporation laws, and more science and engineering Ph.D’s than any other state, and you have just a few reasons why Delaware is a great place to live and work!

Delaware is “The First State”, earned by being the first colony to ratify the Constitution.  Its list of contributions and important residents, including Vice-President Joe Biden, are all the more amazing given that it is the second smallest state .  Some of the more unique examples are:

  • Newark :  Betsy Ross’ flag first flies in battle at Cooch’s Bridge 1777
  • Newport:  First automatic flour-milling machinery invented by Oliver Evans 1785
  • Rehoboth Beach:  First U.S. beauty contest 1880
  • Wilmington:  Nylon first invented by DuPont’s Wallace Carothers 1935
  • Bridgeville:  First Punkin Chunkin contest in the U.S. 1986
  • Dover: First and only Continental U.S. military mortuary officially named a Dover AFB activity 2008

Delaware’s healthcare system is the second largest employer after state government.  Want to join the swelling ranks of professionals making Delaware their home?  Contact the Centra Team at 800 535 0076.  You and your career are always first with us!

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