Customer Service is Still King

Customer Service is Still King The healthcare staffing/recruitment field is filled with options for those seeking employment.  So how do you choose?  You can rely on word of mouth – a recommendation from a good friend or colleague.  You can conduct a very random or a very thorough search using Google and other social media.  But, no matter what method you use, a good customer service track record is critical to your choice. Professionals often cite recruiter indifference and poor follow-ups as top reasons for not using/recommending a particular staffing firm.  In this competitive and difficult (still) job market, having a strong advocate could be the difference between your resume being at the top or the bottom of the employer’s pile.

The best staffing companies have both a high placement success rate, and a relationship driven strategy regarding their clients, employers and employees alike.  Here are a few telltale signs you may have picked the wrong company/recruiter to represent you:

  • He/she doesn’t know the difference between PT and OT or NP and RN.
  • They don’t solicit your references.  If they don’t check you out, how do you know they checked out your potential employers?
  • They ignore/avoid asking for your specific goals.  Could be they are trying to meet a quota and not trying to further your career.
  • They are more interested in promoting their accomplishments than in listening to yours.
  • They provide little background about the facility/company.  No long-term relationship has been built, spelling disaster for your chances.
  • He/she stops calling once they place you in the position.  Could it be they don’t plan on working with you ever again?

Centra prides itself on meeting or exceeding its candidates’ and clients’ expectations. This includes recognizing the importance of updating you about the search process and post-placement follow ups to ensure your total satisfaction.  Our recruiters are not limited to normal business hours, touching base on weekends and leaving messages even when you aren’t there to take the call.  So call our team at 800 535 0076 and let us show you the difference that exceptional, quality concierge service means to your career!

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