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Tax Advantages of Working as a Travel Therapist

If you’re thinking of working as a traveling speech, physical or occupational therapist, you’re probably thinking of how great it could be to travel around the country. But you also might want to consider the potential tax benefits of work as a traveling rehab therapist. You may see a significant tax advantage when you work ….

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Is a Career as a Travel Therapist Right for You?

Working as a travel therapist (OT, PT or speech) can be an absolutely terrific phase of your career. Naturally, not everything about being a travel therapist is terrific. Here are some of the less-than stellar aspects of working as a travel therapist: Of course, one of the best benefits to working as a traveling therapist ….

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The Benefits of Working as a Travel Therapist

If you’ve ever had the desire to travel to different parts of the country using your physical, occupational or rehabilitation skills in facilities where they’re needed most, consider working as a travel therapist. The benefits of doing so are many. Here are just a few: You’ll more than likely make more money. The hourly wages ….

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