Career Lessons From the Oscars

Career Lessons From the OscarsA few years back we blogged about the importance of personal branding to the employment search process.  We were reminded of its importance once more when this year’s “Best Picture” nominees were announced.  These awards are the epitome of personal branding – the culmination of touting your own horn and getting your work before the people who matter.  But there are also personal/professional insights to be gleaned from these movies and here are our career takeaways:

  • American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street:  Over-motivation can lead to poor decision-making.  Higher salaries, professional growth and job satisfaction are all essential motivators in any field.  But achieving balance among these is critical.  Misjudgements, loss of a moral compass and constant dissatisfaction with one’s lot result when we allow one motivator to control our career decisions… in these films money.
  • Twelve Years A Slave and Dallas Buyer’s Club:  Set goals and never give up on achieving them.  Put your career goals in writing. Studies show that when you actualize (write) your aspirations or career steps on paper and review/revise them often, you tend to fulfill them.  Having clear goals  is motivating and enables you to innovate even when obstacles are thrown in your path…be it to regain freedom or to acquire needed medical treatment.
  • Gravity and Captain Phillips:  Rely on your own strengths and training.  Interviews and negotiations are often stressful.  They involve the judgements of complete strangers or people in authority with the ability to determine your future.  Preparation is key in both processes, but you have to be ready to handle the occasional curveball.  While few of us will face down pirates or be stranded in space, depending on one’s skills and strong points can give you the confidence to successfully answer any question or situation thrown at you.
  • Philomena and Nebraska and Her:  Developing relationships and empathy are crucial to success.  Technology has expanded human interaction at the same time that it has distanced human contacts. Teamwork is increasingly a staple of every job, and establishing healthy relationships with coworkers and employers an increasingly valued attribute.  Empathy enables us to see through other’s eyes (Philomena), makes us better caregivers (Nebraska), and helps us accept what is expected of us and what we expect of others (Her).

All of these lessons learned are important for career growth, but nowhere is empathy more valuable than in the field of rehabilitation.  If you are a CHT, PT, PTA, OT, COTA or DOR, Centra has unique employment opportunities to put that skill to the test!  Call us at 800 535 0076 or download our mobile app.

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