Boston: Why OT Will Matter

Boston -  Why OT Will MatterThe saving graces of the Boston Marathon Tragedy, April 15, 2013 will undoubtedly turn out to be technology and medicine. The former has already yielded significant evidentiary information, while the latter undoubtedly saved many lives that day.  It was particularly striking that so many rushed towards the site of the incident, rather than away from it. In a CNN interview, one young social media reporter/blogger confessed that her initial reaction indeed was to seek safety.  But as she explained, that was quickly replaced by a sense of responsibility to her followers to “do her job.” For others like her, there was something “healing” in that moment about being able to perform their normal occupation.

The remedial effect of performing daily activities is nothing new to those who practice Occupational Therapy.  As those injured in Boston move forward through the sometimes painfully slow healing process, they will likely seek or be referred to the services of an OT.  A holistic approach to these patients will be critical, since many have wounds that are not just physical. Therapists will unfortunately have a wealth of resources and experience from treating veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. An article published in the Washington Post and reposted on, is a clear depiction of the emotional and physical impact that OTs have on others.  An OT’s ability to empathize, as in this case, may reflect their own personal experience as a recipient and not a provider of therapy.

Centra has always recognized the life-changing effect that Occupational Therapists make in the lives of their patients and are certain that their services will be invaluable in this instance as well.  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who lost a loved one and to the wounded, their families and friends.

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