Age is Just A Number in Healthcare

Age is Just a NumberIn a recent Gallup poll, 3 out of 4 American said they plan to work past retirement age.  Healthcare consistently leads economic sectors in employing older Americans. That healthcare is “ageless” is evidenced by this year’s AARP list of the “Best Employers for Workers Over 50”. Healthcare related organizations made up nearly half of the honorees recognized for their recruitment, retention and  retraining programs targeting older workers.  The industry has long recognized that older employees bring a wealth of experience, as well as stability and commitment, to the job.  They also serve as role models and mentors to younger co-workers in an increasingly team-oriented approach to care.

But, a graying workforce presents some challenges as well, and many healthcare systems are adopting innovative strategies to meet those challenges. These include overcoming the everyday demands of healthcare occupations, both physical and mental.  A brief, published by the NTAR Leadership Center, outlines a few of those strategies:

  • Hunterdon Healthcare System, NJ:  Hospital-wide installation of smart beds that assist in patient repositioning and collect medical data that integrates directly with their Nurse Call system.
  • Lee Memorial Health System, FL:  Offers flex schedules, phased retirement, and a seasonal months off program without loss of benefits.
  • Kaiser Health Care, CA:  Created a centralized funding pool to provide accommodations for disabled and older workers.
  • Mercy Health, WI:  Offers electronic stethoscopes to its employees with hearing loss through its Occupational Therapy Department.
  • Carondelet Health Network, AZ:  Instituted a “snowbird” program to retain RNs who are part-time residents of the state.

Does your employer have unique and effective programs and policies to support more mature staff?  Let us know on our Facebook page.  Are you looking for new opportunities in an environment that supports its older workers?  Centra firmly believes that “age is just a number” when it comes to healthcare employment.  Contact us today at 800 535 0076 and let us help you do what you do best – provide quality care to others.


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