Advocate For Occupational Therapy

Advocate for Occupational Therapy

I saw a T-shirt today that read “Occupational Therapist (It’s okay, no one knows what we do)”… ouch… but is there any truth to it?  Maybe the profession has what can only be described as a branding problem? Surely you have seen some evidence of that. For example, how many times have you personally explained the difference between an OT and a PT?  Or how many blank stares have you received when you tell others that you use everyday activities as therapy tools? Could it be that Occupational Therapy needs to take a page out of some iconic brands’ books such as Coke, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Disney?  Their visibility is the direct result of intensive marketing and passionate advocacy for their products. In the process, they have become global ambassadors for an entire culture. During Occupational Therapy Month, shouldn’t we too ask ourselves how to become passionate ambassadors for our chosen field?

But where do we start?  One of the best jumping off points is The website contains a myriad of ideas for advocacy, including how to use social media and more personal interactions to educate others about your field.  And yes, they don’t neglect  those more visual means of communication… like T-shirts.  This month’s posting: “Top 10 Ways to Promote Occupational Therapy Online”  reveals how in as little as 5 minutes to a few hours you can raise awareness for your calling . Educational institutions and their affiliated associations are also ideal platforms on which to also hone marketing techniques. Certainly any social situation is an opportunity to tell a captive audience what you do and why you do it, and hope that some of them pass the information on.
Centra prides itself on being a strong supporter and advocate for the OT profession and we believe that great OT professionals deserve to be rewarded.  Contact us today at 800 535 0076 to find out how!

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