A Trifecta For Therapists: 3 New IOS Apps

ios appsOur smartphones and tablets can do everything these days – from help us lose weight to monitor seniors enabling them to age in place.  Technology is impacting the quality of services professionals provide, as well as encouraging patient participation in their own care.  An increasing number of apps are being developed to streamline the documentation process and place clinical resources at the fingertips of PTs, OTs and SLPs.  Here are three of the latest IOS iPad apps designed to do just that:

  • ios1Rehab HX: Effortless Clinical History – A time-saving and easy to use format for documenting outpatients’ histories created by a PT. The app turns patient answers into clinically applicable text which is automatically saved on your iPad.  Take advantage of the half off  launch price of  $4.99.
  • ios2Therapy Ax – An assessment and evaluation tool for the Occupational Therapist especially beneficial for home visits & field use, including ADL, driving and job site evaluations.  Free to try out, but requires in-app purchases for unlimited use of features.
  • ios3eLr – Offline for iPad – A companion to the Extra LanguageResources (eLr) web based product for use when Internet service isunavailable.  SLPs can access over 12,000 activities for remediation of a range of language disorders in both children and adults.

Centra Healthcare believes that apps are the wave of the future for therapy. We bring that same belief in the powers of technology to bear on your employment search process.  Let us show you how by calling us at 800 535 0076, accessing our website’s job page, or downloading our mobile app.

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