2014 Top Nursing and Rehab Jobs in North Dakota

“Legendary” North Dakota Has Great Opportunities For You!

Top Rehab and Nursing Jobs in North DakotaAccording to the North Dakota Tourism Bureau you “arrive a guest, leave a legend”, and indeed this state is synonymous with legends of the American West: Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, General Custer and Sitting Bull, to name a few.  Powwows, rodeos, reenactments, frontier forts and prairie villages all give living testimony to North Dakota’s colorful past. From Norsk HØstfest, honoring Scandinavian settlers of the North Central region to the reminiscences of “Captain Vic Smith”  at the Northwestern locale of Sitting Bull’s surrender…the uniqueness of the state’s history and its peoples can still be experienced.  More ancient inhabitants of the state can be found at the Southwestern Dakota Dinosaur Museum and at South Central’s National Buffalo Museum, including 3 rare white buffalo sacred to the Dakota. From the green hills of the Western Great Plains to the agriculturally fertile flats of the East and the glacial lakes and prairies grasslands of its center, North Dakota has a diversity of geography, cultures, attractions and activities to keep visitors and residents alike happy!

It should therefore come as no surprise,  that Gallup recently ranked North Dakota as the “ #1 Happiest State in America” providing its residents the best balance of emotional, physical and social well-being. The state is also the fastest growing by GDP since 2010, the leader in job creation since 2009 and the state with the lowest employment rate.  But, its status at the top of the Gallup well-being list is due in no small measure to its leaders’ willingness to put citizens’ welfare before politics.  North Dakota is one of the few Republican-led states to adopt an expansion of Medicaid and has created, along with three regional states, a non profit healthcare quality innovation network designed to keep it ahead of the curb. Still, only about 17% of the state’s counties are not designated as medically underserved.  All of these factors translate into a high demand for healthcare professionals, and Centra can help you fill a shortage with exciting North Dakota employment opportunities!  Call us at 800 535 0076.

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