2014 Top Nursing and Rehab Job Openings in Colorado

“It’s Our Nature”: Colorado Welcomes Healthcare Professionals 

top-nursing-and-rehab-jobs-in-coloradoWhether it is simply the altitude or the attitude, Colorado is breathtaking!  In the words of the Colorado Tourism Bureau, this is “a place where you feel alive.” Whether it is world class downhill skiing in Aspen, gold medal fishing in Montrose, white water rafting near Black Canyon in Delta, exceptional stargazing in Sterling, or nationally recognized bird watching in Holly…Colorado is a destination of choice for the outdoorsman.  With one foot in the Great Plains of the Midwest and one foot in the Wild West, Colorado’s geographic diversity has stunning scenic byways transversing virtually u target=”_blank”ntouched  landscapes.  From the tallest dunes in the country,  grasslands where expansive buffalo herds once grazed and migratory havens for 400 species of birds in the South to dense pine forest-lined Rocky Mountain passes sloping down to red rocks and sage-covered mesas in the North, the natural beauty of the state is awe-inspiring and can literally take your breath away!

Go beyond nature to discover all that Colorado has to offer.  From the wineries/breweries, restaurants, theaters, art and museums of big city living in Denver and Grand Junction to the friendliness and charm of small town living in Olathe and Brush.  Festivals abound, especially in warmer weather.  Denver annually honors its large Mexican American and Asian populations, while Grand Junction elevates wine and country music with the states largest celebrations of both.  The largest amateur rodeo is held every July in Brush and the “biggest little festival in the U.S.”, the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival every August. For a venue that combines the beauty of the surroundings with world-class cultural, social and even athletic happenings take in an event at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It is no wonder that Colorodans consistently have the lowest rates of obesity in the nation.  It is impossible not to be fit with all the opportunities close at hand and in every season.

Colorado’s combination of higher quality of life, growth prospects and low unemployment placed it last year on Forbes’ list of the top ten states for business, including the healthcare sector.  To date, the relative success of  the non profit healthcare exchange in enrolling previously uninsured residents has led to an uptick in demand for healthcare professionals that is poised to continue for years to come.  Want to be a part of it all?  Contact one of our industry experts at 800 535 0076 today for exclusive and exciting opportunities in  The Centennial State.

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