2012 Top Occupational Therapy Schools

2012 Top Occupational Therapy SchoolsIn a recent article in “US News and World Report”, Nathan Hellman declares occupational therapy to be one of the “Best Jobs of 2012” stating that the profession “should see significant growth over the next decade”.  Occupational Therapists work with patients across the age spectrum, but it is the substantial increase in America’s older population that is fueling the demand for more therapists.  OTs service diverse populations, helping them execute diverse daily living tasks, while performing these services in diverse work environments: hospitals, rehab centers, schools, medical practices and even clients’ homes.  The broad diversity of this field, necessitates choosing an OT specialty at the beginning stages of your career.  Finding a niche early on that you are passionate about, will only enhance the longevity and quality of your performance in the field.

As with many healthcare professions, the entry level educational requirement is an advanced degree. There are a limited number of combined B.Sc. / M.Sc. degrees programs in occupational therapy.  However, completing a master’s degree from an accredited graduate program is the most accepted educational requirement to sit for the NBCOT, and upon passing the test, for working in the field.  “US News and World Report” has just come out with its list of 2012’s top occupational therapy graduate schools.  Here are the Top Occupational Therapy Schools that ranked in the top 10:

If you are a graduate of these or any other accredited OT programs and are looking for the right environment to utilize your passion and skills, contact Centra at 800 535 0076 and let us help you reach your goal.

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