Continuing Education Opportunities for Occupational and Speech Therapists in 2011

As with all other healthcare professions, those who train and become certified as occupational or speech therapists must take continuing education courses periodically in order to keep up with the latest developments in their careers. Continually upgrading skills is critically important for patient care, too, as it helps ensure successful outcomes for patients of OTs and speech therapists.We searched a great site that lists hundreds upon hundreds of continuing education courses ( looking for those (online, in person, home-study, DVD, etc.) of interest to occupational and speech therapists in 2011.Here are just a very few:

For Occupational Therapists:

“Internet Communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,” a home-study course present by will help OTs “explore the difficulties facing the deaf and hard-of-hearing and identify possible communication solutions.” The course is $36 and you may register for the course here: and more baby boomers are getting older and older; thus more and more will need physical and occupational therapy. “Geriatric Diagnostic Testing for PT and OT” is a home-study course ($36) also being offered by Learn more and register here:“Clinical Geriatric Orthopedics” is a 20-hour course for OTs (as well as physical therapists) which will train participants in how to:

  1. Perform specific treatment techniques for dysfunction of the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, and feet of older persons.
  2. Select evidence based interventions and outcome measures for a comprehensive rehabilitation approach for a myriad of orthopedic problems affecting older persons.
  3. Discuss treatment modifications to existing rehabilitation programs for a specific orthopedic problem.
  4. Comprehensively evaluate orthopedic dysfunctions in the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, and feet of older persons.
  5. Design individualized rehabilitation programs for specific orthopedic problems such as rotator cuff tears, osteoarthritis, total hip and knee procedures, fractures, osteoporosis, lumbar stenosis and other pathologies seen in older patients.
  6. Create the optimum environment for working with older persons.
  7. List musculoskeletal changes with age that impact rehabilitation.
  8. Compile and explain how to use over 30 different specific orthopedic functional outcome tools.
  9. Compare and contrast innovative therapeutic exercises for numerous orthopedic conditions based on the latest evidence.
  10. Dissect and develop treatment protocols for common orthopedic diagnoses.
  11. Use the immense handout in daily practice as a user friendly reference for norms, evidence based tests and evidence based treatment techniques. “

The cost is $595. Great Seminars and Books offers the training, which will be held in different cities around the country. More information and registration may be found here: Speech Therapists:“What’s New in Aphasia Treatment — An Update for the Practicing Clinician,” is a two-day seminar (12 credits) that will present “a general framework for categorizing the variety of approaches to aphasia treatment. Provides updated information about management of reading and writing, group treatment, use of computers, and biological advances that may enhance the effects of speech-language treatment. Discusses evidence-based practice and issues affecting recovery and rehabilitation including treatment intensity.”Presented by Education Resources, Inc., the seminar costs $425 and will be held in March in Massachusetts and in April in Florida. Go to for more information.“Language, Play and Music — An Integrated Approach to Assessment and Intervention with Young Children,”will help participants:

  1. Discuss theories and characteristics of play and language development in young children
  2. Select and apply appropriate tools to assess pretend play and language skills in naturalistic contexts
  3. Explain the benefits of music as a vehicle for achieving play and language goals for children with various disabilities including autism spectrum disorders.
  4. Integrate pretend play and music into language intervention


The one-day seminar (7 unit hours) will be held in Delaware in March and Massachusetts  in April. Educational Resources, Inc. is the presenter. Follow this link for more information and registration ($245): Healthcare Solutions places physical, occupational and speech language therapists in temporary and permanent positions at rehabilitation facilities all across the country. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your career move forward, contact us.We look forward to hearing from you!


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