10 Facts About Heart Health

Did You Know???

10 Facts About Heart HealthAs American Heart Month winds down here are ten interesting facts related to heart health:

  • “Men’s Health Magazine” has named San Jose, CA as the second healthiest city in America for men, with the lowest rate of mortality from heart disease for 2013.
  • Eating salmon twice a week can lower by one third the risk of a heart attack.
  • Women are more likely to suffer “broken heart” syndrome due to stress/grief.
  • The longer a man’s ring finger, the lower his risk for heart attack.
  • More heart attacks occur on Monday mornings than any other day of the week.
  • Married men and women are at a lower risk for myocardial infarction than singles.
  • Each minute of brisk walking increases lifespan by almost two minutes.
  • A horse’s heart rate will mirror that of the person petting/riding them.
  • The first open heart surgery was performed  in 1893 and the first successful heart transplant in 1967.
  • Two thirds of patients receiving therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest  recover good heart function.

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