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Five 2015 Tax Tips and Deductions For Nurses

Five 2015TaxTipsandDeductionsForNursesWe should be grateful that Congress was too embroiled in partisan politics this year to enact any new tax legislation! That being said, provisions of existing laws continue to be phased in, along with now standard adjustments for inflation, and filling out those tax forms remains a time consuming task that most of us dread. There are never enough hours in the day for you hard working nurses, and filing your own taxes has to be particularly low on the totem pole. Below find 5 tips and deductions that may reduce the stress of filing all that paperwork:




  1. No Shredding Allowed: Travel nursing contracts contain details critical to filling out those tax forms - save them all even after the assignment is completed!
  2. The 57.5 Cent Rule: Job hunting expenses may be deductible, including driving to interviews to the tune of 57.5¢per mile. MileIQ helps you log miles, track tolls and parking, and clarify qualifying deductions.
  3. And Speaking of Transportation: You’ve moved, but what about your furry friend(s)? Shipping pet(s) are also tax deductible. File a Form 3903 along with your long Form 1040 and Rover/Tabby’s move could be fully covered.
  4. If The Shoe Fits: Mandated uniforms, protective gear, and nursing shoes, are itemized deductions, unless employer reimbursed. Alterations, laundering or dry cleaning of these items can also be claimed, just keep those receipts.
  5. Live And Learn: Ever wanted to take a cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, earn CEUs and write it off on your taxes? The IRS allows for an annual deduction up to $2000 to attend conferences or educational seminars held on ships whose port of calls are in the USA or its territories.

Want to learn about other deductions available to nursing professionals? Consult a tax professional or preparer. Want to learn about earning great taxable and non-taxable income? Consult a staffing professional at Centra today!

DC is 2015 Top City for Cardiac Nurses

“It All Starts in DC” for Nurses

2015topNursinJobsInDCAmong its other distinctions, Washington, D.C. has the highest wine consumption per capita, the third lowest obesity rate and the second highest rate of health insurance coverage in the nation.  Nonetheless, it is somehow fitting to note as we celebrate “American Heart Month” in February, that our nation’s capital has also led in preventable deaths due to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Since first noted in a 2010 CDC report, D.C. has been making great strides to reduce the number of mortalities, although they still remain above average.  It is probably no coincidence that  D.C. also leads the country in the average salaries paid to cardiovascular nurses ($79,000). While a high paying job may be strong incentive to relocate, Washington, D.C. has much more to offer its residents.  Beyond the White House and Capitol... beyond world-renowned monuments and museums... lies a high quality work/life balance environment for nurses and their families.

Where else can you visit the animals of the National Zoo, explore the stars up close at Rock Creek Park Planetarium, or see how your money is printed at the Bureau Of Engraving and Printing...and all for free?  Where else in one spot can you find a top five shopping mall and a new metrorail system that are both revitalizing the local economy than at  Tyson’s Corner ?  Where else for two weeks straight can you see, hear and taste the friendship between two nations, except at the Cherry Blossom Festival each spring? Where else can your children receive innovative and internationally competitive educations than at BASIS Charter Schools and Georgetown Law? Where else can you see an assassin’s bullet still embedded in Abraham Lincoln’s skull at The National Museum of Health and Medicine and a tiny piece of the moon embedded in a stain glass window at The National Cathedral?  In short, where else can you live in what Forbes has termed the “#1 Coolest City in America” for 2014?

Want to work at nationally ranked pediatric and adult cardiac care units? Let the industry experts at Centra help you make a “capital” investment in your nursing career in Washington, D.C. by calling us today at 800 535 0076 or downloading our mobile app.

Nurses … The Mothers of Invention

five inventions by nursesNurses have learned all too well that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and some have come up with simple but ingenious tools to better care for their patients.  At the inaugural White House Maker Faire, held June 18, 2014, a nurse-innovator was among the  honorees.  Roxanna Reyna, an RNC-NIC at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX, developed a skin and wound dressing for infants from adult-sized bandages, sponges and tapes. Ms. Reyna is part of MIT’s Little Devices Lab’s “MakerNurse Program” which provides a venue for nursing professionals to bring their creations to the marketplace.  The program has had success in other sectors, and is now turning its to the stealth creativity of its nursing profession.  Here are five nurse created devices that are no longer flying under the radar: 

  1. Colorsafe IV Lines:  Terri Barton Salinas and Gail Barton-Hay, RN sisters, invented these brightly color coated IV lines  to distinguish the often multiple ones attached to a single patient.  They are proving to significantly reduce the over 7,000 medication errors that occur annually with the more common clear tubing.
  2. NoNo Sleeve:  Also aimed at reducing medical errors is the armband RN Jill Drew invented as a result of her father’s hospital stay.  The bright-red accessory protects existing arteriovenous fistulas from potentially harmful medical procedures.
  3. ECT Gown:  Likewise, a family health crisis propelled Critical Care Nurse, Chantale Trouillot to rethink the traditional patient hospital gown.  Her version ensures patient modesty while allowing for the performance of medical procedures through various slits and pockets integrated into the garment.
  4. GoGown: In this day and age, hospital acquired infections are as much of a concern to patients as patient’s modesty.   Ginny Porowski’s integral wrap gown  and gloves easily and safely self-wraps reducing waste volume and contamination of people and the environment.
  5. Lotus Stethoscope Holster:  For Sarah Mott, RN it was even more personal when cervical pain forced a medical leave.  The injury from years of carrying a heavy stethoscope around her neck led to this simple device and the creation of NurseBorn helping other nurses take their products to market.

Are you the next great NurseMaker?  Or are you interested in working in a creative environment with other great RNs and NPs?  Let the industry experts at Centra find you the perfect place to unleash your creativity and commitment to serving others.  Call us at 800 535 0076 or download our mobile app.

Nurses Are the Heart of Healthcare!

nurse weekSince 1994, The American Nurses Association (ANA) has formally designated May 6-12 as National Nurses Week, culminating on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Check out their website for information on their free webinar and other ways to mark this occasion and check out our Pinterest Board of 20 gift ideas...one for each year of celebration.

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Nurse Practitioners - Salary by State

nurse practicioners - salary by stateThe Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is predicting a shortage of more than 90,000 primary care physicians by the end of this decade. Nurse Practitioners may be able to close some of those gaps in service, provided projections of a 30% job growth in the profession come to fruition.  They already play a role in disease prevention and management, conducting physicals, writing prescriptions, ordering tests and providing patient education. That role will become even more vital with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) emphasis on wellness and with the greying of America. NPs have specialized practice areas similar to physicians, with commensurate salaries. The highest salaries are consistently in geriatric medicine, but will vary by state.  To compare salaries across the nation access this resource.

Are you a new or veteran Nurse Practitioner looking to contribute fully to the American healthcare system and earn a salary commensurate with your talents?  Contact the Centra Team at 800 535 0076 and we will use cutting edge technology, a roster of exclusive employers and personalized concierge service to ensure a successful conclusion to your employment search.

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