I’m Tyler, and this is My Story


Hello, my name is Tyler, and I’m a traveling Physical Therapist. The profession has been extremely rewarding, as I’ve been able to meet amazing people and help them reach their mobility goals. After working 8 years in full-time positions in the field, it came time to switch things up and fully pursue my life and PT dreams. Centra has been a huge blessing in my life to allow me opportunities and flexibility to do this!

My wife, 2 children, and I are currently based in Guatemala, Central America. We are pursuing our passion of providing therapy in underserved villages to incredible people! I got in touch with Centra to see if they had traveling PT positions in Florida, my preferred location due to proximity, residency, and licensure. I was blown away with their quick, professional, and kind response! My recruiter took the time to learn more about me and my professional goals so that we could find a great contract placement. She listened to my questions and concerns as a new traveling therapist, and provided me assurance and confidence that all would go well with their company. Not only have they spoken the right things, I can attest that Centra delivers on their promises.

Currently I’m doing a travel assignment in Southwest Florida and living 200 yards from the beach! My recruiter did a great job in matching me with a hospital. No exaggeration, it took 1 hour from me contacting her to me phone interviewing with the facility and then having a contract presented. My family is staying with me and enjoying the amazing weather and nature of Florida. Centra not only has improved my quality of life, it’s had a positive impact on my whole family. Since Centra provides me with timely and effective contracts, it allows my family to spend part of the year in Guatemala doing medical mission work, and part of the year in Florida doing professional contracts while enjoying all the state has to offer. Working with Centra has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and career!

I encourage anyone interested in travel healthcare to reach out to Centra. They are a great, honest, and efficient company who will look out for your interests as their own. I’m beyond thankful to be a Centurion!

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