I’m Tarah, and this is My Story

Local Contractor

My name is Tarah. I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband and young daughter. I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, camping and cooking.

I’ve been a COTA for nine years. Right now, I am working in a Skilled Nursing Facility in Malvern, PA. The Geriatric population has always been my niche. I feel that I learn so much from their wisdom and experience. I try to make a special connection with each of my patients, as I believe that treating the individual is more important than treating the disease/diagnosis. This is why I believe Occupational Therapy is simply awesome!

Working with Centra has been nothing less than amazing. The staff are so friendly, caring and easy to work with! Shout out to Shelby! It is so obvious that this is an organization that cares about its employees and really lives up to their core values. Before Centra, I worked for a big corporation that definitely had a big corporation “feel”. I don’t get that with Centra, which is what I believe makes them so special.

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