I’m Ray, and this is My Story


Hi!  My name is Ray, a Physical Therapist, for the past 37 years.  Having been a military wife, I was blessed to have worked in various settings through the years from the west coast to the east coast. Through the years I have found my love for orthopedics and geriatrics, the areas I’ve pretty much practiced half of my career. I learned a lot during my years of traveling and honed my skills by assimilating all the best practices, treatments, and procedures from all of the facilities I had the opportunity to work in.

When my children were all grown, I stepped up my travels again. I worked for a couple of companies as their internal traveler in the recent 5 years. The downside was that I had no choice of where I wanted to go.  In early 2016, I made the leap to become a therapist traveler where I can choose where I want to go.

I contacted several therapy travel companies, but Centra was quickest to respond and they have not let me down. My recruiter, Kylie, is awesome! She listens to my needs and pursues assignments at locations I am interested in. She stays in touch and checks in with me regularly. She looks out for me. To me, Centra is the epitome of what a therapy travel company should be!  I have enjoyed working in each of the facilities. I know I will be staying with Centra for a long time and remain excited about the future places I will get to visit.

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