I’m Natalia, and this is My Story


Hi guys, I am Natalia from beautiful St Augustine, Florida. Prior to settling down in the USA, I traveled the world, got multiple degrees in totally unrelated fields, and had many career changes. I came to the occupational therapy field from the corporate world of British urban planning . No regrets, helping people live their lives to the fullest is far more rewarding than refusing planning consents.

This profession, as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant / COTA, afforded me with the opportunity to work in California, where I have been for the past 2 years with present placement in Napa – wine country of the world, thanks to Centra! As a traveling therapist, I established good professional relationships and advanced my knowledge in the chosen field by learning from great therapists from different states and countries.

Working for Centra is particularly rewarding. Love my recruiter Ben, especially his weekly check up calls and timely responses to any questions/concerns. Love the hassle free environment, and most of all the great benefits.

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