I’m Marina, and this is My Story


Hi, I’m Marina. I have been a traveling COTA with Centra for over 2 years. Moving from St. Petersburg, Russia to Detroit, MI and then again to Colorado was never easy. I felt attached to places, people, and daily routines. My recruiter, Kylie, was the one who originally found me a local contract in my new home town in CO so that I could adjust to a new environment.

After a bit of time, I wanted to explore more and more, especially because I feel that any adventure has a beginning and it does not have to end. “Always moving” made me more aware, flexible and able to accept any challenges during my travels. I am currently working in Northern CA in a SNF setting. Traveling with Centra allows me to see the country and meet many friends on the way who I am staying in touch with.

Wherever I go next, I always try to explore the great outdoors. The work place is important, however, I am also interested in what each city and it’s surrounding have to offer. I can always find national/state parks, biking/hiking trails, an ocean, etc. When getting a new assignment, I know I can rely on my recruiter Kylie to be on my side no matter what. This is one of the reasons I enjoy working for Centra and fully trust them!

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