I’m Lindsay, and this is My Story

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My name is Lindsay, I am a SLP-CCC, and I have worked for Centra for a little over a year! After some personal circumstances in my life changed, I was thankful for the opportunity to get out of the town I was in to travel AND work.

My first assignment was in Philadelphia and I have enjoyed this city so much, that’s why I’m still here! I currently work in the nursing and rehabilitation setting.  I have another master’s degree in Gerontology, so I have a natural passion to work with older adults. I enjoy helping to create an environment that is conducive to older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias (which we all know is difficult and requires a lot of individuals who genuinely care). I also enjoy treating swallowing disorders and adapting diet textures and consulting with nursing staff to ensure the patients are eating adequately and are safe with what they are eating.

When asked what I do and if I like it, I have been blessed to say, “Yes, I love my job!” It is challenging, interesting, demanding and I can make it fun any minute of any day if I want. Of course it is still a job and I have to wake up every day and be somewhere, but it makes it so much easier that I enjoy it!

Being a “traveler” has allowed me to grow, gain confidence and learn to be comfortable with any environment, staff or patient population. A lot of times, we are thrown into situations without being given an appropriate “orientation” or tour of the facility.  Additionally, I am always prepared to work in a setting without having access to treatment materials. I now have my own treatment material library and I am always constantly learning to adapt things to each patient’s needs. I am becoming a better therapist every day.

I encourage everyone (OT’s, PT’s and ST’s) to travel at least once! Just do a 13 week contract! You’ll never ever regret it. Centra is an amazing company and I am so very thankful for my recruiter, Kylie. She has been amazing and is literally always there when I need something. I feel so lucky to have her as my main support. Everyone at Centra is great!

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