I’m Leanne, and this is My Story


Hello! My name is Leanne. I am a Physical Therapist, and have been traveling with Centra for 1.5 years. I enjoy the freedom traveling is giving me to explore different cities in different areas of Texas. My friends have been giving me “To Do” lists for every city I’ve been placed, and this has really helped encourage me to get out and explore! I have been able to expand my knowledge and improve my skills with placements in a variety of therapy settings.

My favorite part of traveling, though, has been meeting so many new people, many of who have become life-long friends! I am currently working at An acute care hospital in San Angelo, Texas, and this has been one of my favorite places yet – beautiful river running through the middle of the town, near a state park, and you have to love the sheep statue mascots! Thanks Centra, for providing me with so many wonderful opportunities!!

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