I’m Katherine, and this is My Story


Hola 👋🏾, my name is Katherine and I am a CMA. I’ve been in the medical field since the age of 18 but became a Medical Assistant at the age of 22. I am from Methuen, Massachusetts and I am currently on my third extension at a great hospital in Madison WI. Working in this field has its ups and down, but overall the medical field is very rewarding. I love knowing that I was able to, and will be able to, help someone today, tomorrow or the day after. I am currently working in surgical specialties, including; General Surgery, Thoracic, minimal invasive procedures, Burn and Wound and Plastics Surgery. One of the most interesting aspects of this assignment is that I get to experience working with the transgender community, learning all the pronouns. Seeing plastic procedures, removing the sutures staples, cleaning burns and wounds.

While on this assignment I’ve met two other travelers and we’ve decided to do something weekly while working out daily. We have experienced; ice skating, traveling to Chicago, hiking, walking our dogs, and most importantly trying new restaurants.

For those of you considering to travel, my feedback is that when you’re given the option of 1 to 2 different assignments, please do your research, make sure that where you go is somewhere you’d like to live for a few months. Also, make sure housing is manageable and always stay in contact with your recruiter. Centra has helped me in all of these aspects. I do bother my recruiter, Nathan, but that’s just due to my OCD of wanting to know what is coming next. I prefer to be over prepared than under.

This picture is me having dinner at a restaurant called Eno Vino overlooking the state house. https://enovinodowntown.com/

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