Who wants to go back to college?

Graduates walking towards future

Are you looking to move to a place with plenty of social and economic opportunities? Livability says look at college towns first.  Their 2016 Top Ten list runs the gambit from the incredibly artsy and charming Denton, TX to the highly walkable, and urban city feel of Cambridge, MA.  College towns are suppliers of educated workforces, but they are also major employers of healthcare workers. Take Tempe, AZ.  Sitting just miles east and south of the state’s largest metro areas of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Tempe has evolved into the city of choice for 20-30 somethings. In the meantime, Arizona as a whole continues to attract baby boomers seeking great weather, tax-friendly environments and plenty of leisure activities.

In fact, many retirees choose to live in college towns for the same reasons as students and young professionals, such as intellectual/cultural stimulation and affordable housing. Increases in the 55+ age bracket population always translates into a higher demand for healthcare professionals to service their medical needs. Generally you will find healthcare facilities as top employers across the country, but according to Smart Asset’s most recent survey, 50% of the top 10 were college towns.  Add to that the ease of continuing your education, be it for an advanced degree or CEU credits, and you have even more reasons to consider college towns for your next career move.

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