Human Resources and Support Manager

Shayla Baldwin began her career as a Human Resources Intern at a multi-national automotive factory while obtaining her degree in Psychology. During this time, she quickly gained experience in payroll management, employee and managerial reviews, as well as union negotiations. Moving from the Midwest to Florida, she brought these skills to work as a Human Resources Assistant for a large transportation and chemical company before finally joining the Centra team in 2018 as a Compliance Coordinator.

With her drive for policy and procedural improvement, as well as a love of helping employees as best she can, Shayla rose quickly to the position of Human Resources and Support Manager. She has proven herself to be a creative and resourceful member of the team and a subject matter expert for clinical compliance in the healthcare staffing industry.

Shayla obtained her BA in Industrial Psychology at Alma College where she also was a prominent member of the Alma Choir as well as the Alma College Theatre Company.

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