Senior Recruitment Consultant - Permanent Placement

Alexis Rios joined Centra in February of 2016 as a Healthcare Recruiter. He has always had a strong sense of community, which led him to become an EMT/Firefighter at the age of 22. It is very important for Alexis to help his fellow neighbor. He is a firm believer that one hand washes the other and that there is no bigger reward than to help someone find a fulfilling position. Alexis prides himself in his ability to lead individuals towards a lucrative career path where their personal and professional development is encouraged and nourished. He is a constant reminder that hard work is the inspiration that leads to success.

Prior to becoming a Centurion, Alexis brings 10 years of experience as a Small Business Expert in the Telecommunications Industry. In that role he established and maintained productive long-term networks and relationships with his clients to solve their strategic business priorities. He consistently achieved his sales targets and received several accolades reaffirming his tenacity and resilience to go above and beyond.

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