Odds and Ends


Summer is winding down, children will be returning to school and some of you will be returning to work after a well-deserved break.  Healthcare professionals generally don’t need motivation to return to their calling, but here are a few odds and ends that just might reinforce your innate passion for helping others:


  1.  Paying It Forward:  Gino Vizzi fights his own chronic cancer battle, while giving back to others battling disease through his P4 Foundation.


  1. With Age Comes Wisdom:  Do you work with seniors? You may recognize some of this sage advice from those who have lived a century.


  1.   Dance To Your Own Beat:  There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome if you pursue greatness… even being deaf.


  1.   Good Habits Start Young:  A private school in Florida has taken its students’ health to a whole new level with its Global Wellness Center.


  1.   Ask For Nothing in Return:  A 91 year old shows why giving back to others is its own reward…grab the kleenex.

Hope these inspire you to new heights and a deeper appreciation for the difference you make in people’s lives.  Inspired to make a career move, call CENTRA today at 800 535 0076.

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