Odds and Ends




July brings lazy, sunny days and warm, starry nights…travels at home and abroad…and maybe even a much needed break from your daily grind. Our July odds and ends blog has something for both your professional and personal lives :


  1. Ships Ahoy:  Those CEUs were never easier to complete than against the backdrop of the Mediterranean or other  of the world’s seas and waterways.


  1.  That’s Cool:  Nothing better on a hot summer day than something cold. Celebrate “Ice Cream Day” (July 17th), making this healthier eggless version with kids or colleagues.


  1.  “A Step Forward”:  Your rehab and geriatric patients will appreciate this advanced walker and its more natural view of the surroundings.


  1.  Have Fur Will Travel:  Planning a road trip for work or for play this summer? Check out this planner for all you travel nursing and rehab pros taking furry friends along with you.


  1.  Wha’dya Know, It’s Idaho:  Monster and Brandwatch found that the happiest workers are to be found in the Gem State…summer is the perfect time to move there.

But Idaho isn’t the only great place to consider for  a career move. Access Centra’s new  job board or call one of our industry experts at 800 535 0076 for tailor made and exclusive employment opportunities for healthcare professionals.

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