Nursing CEU Opportunities – Outside The Box


As most of you know, continuing education is a fact of life for nurses, whether to expand and sharpen skills, explore other fields of practice or advance to the next career level. But that doesn’t mean the process has to be boring! Check out the unique options below for ideas that are both fun and educational:

  1. We Sail The Seven Seas:  Expand your horizons, literally and figuratively, on one of these 2017-18 cruises for nurses.
  2.  Into The Wilds We Go:  Get a taste for a unique and adventurous specialty…. wilderness nursing.
  3. Take Your Practice To The Light:  Meditate, contemplate and yoga train your way to better nursing.
  4. Caring Is The Essence Of Nursing: Short term volunteerism with long term impact on the under served and vulnerable in Latino countries.
  5. What Happens In Vegas: Network with other travelers/contract nurses at this annual event in “The Entertainment Capital of the World”


Centra welcomes you to share your own extraordinary nursing CEU opportunities with us. Nurses are the heart of healthcare and we are determined to keep that heart healthy by helping you achieve your career goals.  If you are a nurse looking for a permanent, local or contract position we have the job for you!  Call us today at 800-535-0076.

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